Why Finland Railway?

Finland Railway will benefit the entire country: About half of the Finnish population live along the main line. Additionally, more than half of all jobs in Finland and over 70 percent of its institutions for education, research and innovation are situated within the main line’s range of influence. When realized, Finland Railway will hence have a substantial regional, national and global impact that will be felt both by private citizens and by the whole society.

Regional impact

Thanks to Finland Railway, the whole country will receive improved communications. It will be helpful for solving the main line’s capacity shortage and for saving travel time. Fast and safe communications will bring different regions closer to each other, improve the accessibility of local companies and broaden people’s commuting areas. Constructing more track capacity will also make it possible for local train services to emerge in locations where no such services yet exist.

National impact

Finland Railway will bring sustainable growth to the entire society. It will generate new jobs and higher tax revenue both during the construction phase and thereafter. Finland Railway will add to alternative low-emission transport services domestically, make train services an appealing means of communication for an increasing number of people while simultaneously reducing the need for domestic flights.

Global impact

Finland Railway will add to Finland’s international competitiveness. The railway line integrates Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with long-distance train services. Investing in Finland Railway will improve the country’s international communications, which is vital for a small, export-driven country. Thanks to Finland Railway, Finland will genuinely be linked up to the European network of rail services and airports. Additionally, Finland Railway will help the country achieve its ambitious climate goals.

Finland Railway

  • Saves travel time along the main line
  • Expands people’s commuting areas
  • Frees up track capacity, and thus makes it possible for local train services to emerge in locations where no such services at present exist
  • Benefits all Finns, including people who do not live along the main line
  • Serves as a building block for the competitiveness of the entire country, instead of only one region
  • Brings about sustainable economic growth that is mindful of the climate goals as well as employment and enterprises during the construction phase and after its completion
  • Generates genuine, climate-friendly domestic transport alternatives
  • Makes the country punch above its size by way of linking Finland up to European railway lines and the global network of airports.