Suomirata is a vision for the future of passenger and freight traffic in Finland. It aims to raise the service standard in railway operations and to take a decisive step in Finnish railway traffic.

Suomirata will create growth, jobs and companies – both during and after construction. It will connect our export-driven country more closely to the global airport and rail network.

It will be a large entity with impact throughout the country. Whether it is economic growth, employment rates or the climate, the realisation of the Suomirata will promote Finnish goals as a whole.

What is Suomirata? 

Suomirata will bring Finland closer together. Suomirata will make it possible to travel from Tampere to Helsinki in about an hour. It will also enable an even faster railway connection between Helsinki city centre and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The project will remove key bottlenecks of national competitiveness in railway traffic and it thus will have a positive impact on rail traffic throughout the country.

Why Suomirata? 

Suomirata benefits the whole Finland: About half of Finns live along the mainline. In addition, more than half of Finland’s jobs and more than 70 percent of education, research and innovation activities are located in its area of influence.

Suomirata will therefore have significant regional, national and global effects, which will affect individuals and society as a whole.